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The winner of the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama, is the 44th U.S. president. All previous presidents were men of solely European descent. The 2008 elections also saw the Democratic Party strengthen its control of both the House and the Senate. In the 111th United States Congress, the Senate comprises 57 Democrats, two independents who caucus with the Democrats, and 41 Republicans; the House comprises 255 Democrats and 178 Republicans (two seats are vacant). There are 26 Democratic and 24 Republican state governors.

Top 10 Earning Dead Celebrities

A year after his death at the age of 51, Michael Jackson records are still selling as strongly as ever, and a survey by Forbes magazine has ranked him as the top earning dead celebrity in the world.Not only is Michael Jackson the top earning dead celebrity in the world, his earnings are more than the next eleven in line combined, with a huge $275 million earnings.

The top ten dead celebrities with the most earnings follow Michael Jackson with Elvis Presley ($60 million), author of "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" J.R.R. Tolkien ($50 million), Charles Schultz the creator of "Peanuts" ($33 million) and John Lennon ($17 million).

Given the deep debt that Michael Jackson was in prior to his death, he is obviously better off financially these days, since he doesn't have the ability to spend his earnings on frivolous fancies, such as a personal theme park, and weekly plastic surgery appointments.

10. Richard Rodgers

09. George Steinbrenner

Windows 7 - The Fastest Selling OS Ever

Microsoft sold nearly 10 copies of Windows 7 every second over the last month, according to numbers the company released Thursday.Yesterday, Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer, told Wall Street analysts of the latest Windows 7 milestone. "With 175 million licenses sold to date, it is the fastest selling operating system ever, and now runs on over 15% of all PCs worldwide," Klein said during an afternoon earnings call.

100 Years Ago America [2nd Edition Photos]

The short form the United States is also standard. Other common forms include the U.S., the USA, and America. Colloquial names include the U.S. of A. and the States. Columbia, a once popular name for the United States, was derived from Christopher Columbus; it appears in the name "District of Columbia".The standard way to refer to a citizen of the United States is as an American. Though United States is the formal appositional term, American and U.S. are more commonly used to refer to the country adjectivally ("American values," "U.S. forces"). American is rarely used in English to refer to people not connected to the United States.

Microsoft Wants To Buy Adobe

Here's an interesting piece of news before we end this week: word on internet has it Microsoft is thinking about acquiring Adobe. Stunned? Well, according to NYT, chief executives of both companies met recently to discuss "how the two companies could team up in the battle against Apple." Another point in their agenda was possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft. It has also emerged that Microsoft had a talk with Adobe regarding this several years ago as well, but at that time the deal never moved past informal talks as Microsoft feared antitrust watch-dogs will do their best to jeopardize the deal.

Bluetooth 4.0 Coming Soon

Though Bluetooth 3.0 is yet to hit market is a big way, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the formal adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0. The group reports that the hallmark feature of the newest Bluetooth version is low energy technology. The hallmark feature enhancement to the Specification, Bluetooth low energy technology opens entirely new markets for devices requiring low cost and low power wireless connectivity, creating an evolution in Bluetooth wireless technology that will enable a plethora of new applications – some not even possible or imagined today. 

100 Years Ago America [1st Edition Photos]

In the 19th century, the United States acquired land from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Russia, and annexed the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Hawaii. Disputes between the agrarian South and industrial North over states' rights and the expansion of the institution of slavery provoked the American Civil War of the 1860s. The North's victory prevented a permanent split of the country and led to the end of legal slavery in the United States. By the 1870s, the national economy was the world's largest. The Spanish–American War and World War I confirmed the country's status as a military power. It emerged from World War II as the first country with nuclear weapons and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

World's Top 10 Richest man

The Forbes Billionaires list for 2010 has witnessed Mexican Carlo Slim surpassing Bill Gates and Warrant Buffett to be the richest man on the earth. Slim's total worth rose $18.5 billion during the year to an estimated $53.5 billion, the Forbes Magazine said. Gates remained second with a fortune of $53 billion.Apart from Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani and Head of ArcelorMittal L N Mittal, there were four other Indian tycoons in the top 50 list and 49 others in the complete list of 1,011 billionaires.

1. Carlos Slim Helu [ $ 53.5 Billion ]

World's Largest Seed

The Coco de Mer belongs to the Coryphoidae subfamily and tribe Borasseae. Borasseae is represented by four genera in Madagascar and one in Seychelles out of the seven worldwide. They are distributed on the coastlands surrounding the Indian ocean and the existing islands within. Borassus, the genus closest to Lodoicea, has about five species in the “old world,” one species in Africa, one in India, South-East Asia and Malaysia, one in New Guinea and two species in Madagascar.

2010 Most Famous Persons

The 2010 "most famous" would be the new President of the United States, Barack Obama. However, this is usually true of contemporary politicians in the media. Other famous people are Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth of England, Warren Buffet and the Michael Jackson.

The historically "infamous" are likewise remembered for some time, such as Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin for the 20th Century, and Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein for the early 21st Century. Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may make the list eventually.

Barack Obama

20 Month Baby Eating Chillies

20-month-old Naaman Amer, from the city of Nablus, West Bank enjoys eating hot peppers and is considered the world’s youngest pepper eater. The young Palestinian boy has been gobbling down green peppers since he was just 14 months old, and his parents are quite proud of his appetite for the throat-burning veggies. Naaman eats them at every meal, and so far he hasn’t had any health issues, but I still think it’s pretty weird for a boy this young to eat so many hot peppers.

New Technology Staircase

Anyone wanting or already in the process of redesigning their multi-level home should take a look at these cool staircases, which break away from the standard design and add some creative flair.

10 Most Expensive hotels in India

10. Amanresorts Amanbagh, Alwar
Best Desert Retreat: This ultra-deluxe resort sits on the former site of the Maharajah of Alwar's hunting lodge and personal pleasure garden. Amanbagh means "peaceful garden" and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more tranquil spot than this soft-sandstone hotel surrounded by graceful palms, fragrant eucalyptus and frangipani trees and manicured jade green lawns.. The elegant "haveli-style" rooms are among the largest in the country.

9. Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
Best Place To Feel Like Royalty: Everything about this breathtaking property, from the arrival by boat on Lake Pichola and the views of the City Palace, will make you feel as regal as the peacock that wander the property. Many rooms boast private, walled courtyards with silken parasols and inlaid furniture, as well as private butler service. Upgrade to a suite with its own tented dining facility and infinity pool, or better yet, to the 2,650-square- foot Kohinoor Suite with its courtyard fountains, fireplaces and sauna in the master bedroom.

Top 5 Believable Conspiracy Theories

Every major event prompts a conspiracy theory and over the years people have come up with some far out stories and cover ups. But are they all that far fetched? Or have many of these conspiracy theories been guided by those behind the original plot?

Let’s take a look at 15 of the most famous conspiracies that just might be closer to the truth than we think.

5.Aids virus was created in a laboratory:
Based on the theories of Dr William Campbell Douglass, many believe that that HIV was genetically engineered in 1974 by the World Health Organisation. Dr Douglass believed that it was a cold-blooded attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. Others have claimed that it was created by the CIA or the KGB as a means to reduce world population.

4.Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen:
Theorists believe that President Franklin Roosevelt provoked the Japanese attack on the US naval base in Hawaii in December 1941, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn his fleet commanders.

He apparently needed the attack to provoke Hitler into declaring war on the US because the American public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe.

Theorists believe that the US was warned by the governments of Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Peru, Korea and the Soviet Union that a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was coming and that, furthermore, the Americans had intercepted and broken all the important Japanese codes in the run up to the attack.

Take a Virtual Tour -Inside a Google Office(Photos)

Nothing is there to say about google.You may alredy know .........
Some photos are taken inside a google office.
Click Readmore to view photos

Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni Smoking [Dhoni Wife]

Dhoni Marriage PhotosThe Indian Cricketer and Captain of Indian Team Mahendra Singh Dhoni Marriage photos hit the internet. MS Dhoni weds his childhood girlfriend Sakshi Rawat. The marriage ceremony is held at Almora in Uttarakhand, India. Wedding ceremony was held about 4pm on Sunday.

Dhoni with his Wife Sakshi
The 28 year old wicket keeper batsman got engaged to Sakshi, a 23-year old hotel management student, at a private ceremony last night. This Wedding was reserved so private even close up relatives were not told about the wedding in advance. Dhoni’s uncle Ghanpath Dhoni had no idea his nephew was receiving married.

I have evidence of Photos to Prove the Mrs.Sakshi Dhoni have addict of Cigarette Smoking.

Commonwealth - Closing Ceremony

In the end, patriotic fervour managed to grab eyeballs for the Games. The outstanding performance of India managed to notch up a high viewership of 16 million people across the country, for the closing ceremony of the CWG 2010 on Thursday.This compares well with the reach numbers of 17 million who watched the closing of Beijing Olympics in 2008. The interest was actually higher than IPL's both opening and closing ceremonies at 11 million and 14 million respectively. 

Though the reach figures were lower than the opening ceremony (29 million), industry experts attribute it to the fact that October 14 was a week day, while both the opening ceremony of the Games (October 3) as well as the Beijing Olympics (September 24) were on Sundays. So for most people, barring Delhiites, it was a working day. 

Top 5 Super Computer's

5. ASCI White:

ASCI White, an IBM system, replaced ASCI-Red as the fastest supercomputer in 2000. ASCI White held the spot for world’s fastest supercomputer for two years from 2000-2002. It was capable of computing 12.3 trillion operations per second.

4. The Earth Simulator:

World's 5 Strangest Restaurants

5.Marton Theme, Taiwan
How would you feel eating while sitting on a toilet seat? At Marton Theme Restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan you can have the opportunity of enjoying a delicious meal on colorful toilet seats used as chairs. The toilet-shaped restaurant doesn't lack clients. They sit around a bathtub table covered with glass, and eat from plates and bowls shaped like Japanese “squat” toilets, with faucets transformed in lamps. Also, rice and noodles are served in bowls having bathtub shape. The restaurant was named after “Matong”, Chinese word for toilet. The young owner of the restaurant, Eric Wang, says : “We not only sell food but also laughter. The food is just as good as any restaurant but we offer additional fun”. As for the prices, for a meal set, you pay from 150 to 250 Taiwanese dollars, meaning $6-$10.

4.Dinner in the sky, Brussels
Fasten your seat belts and get ready to enjoy a delicious, heavenly meal! “Dinner in the Sky” is a restaurant in Brussels, Belgium, that serves meals for up to 22 persons … in the sky. This is the perfect choice for those who want to spend special and memorable moments suspended at a height of 50 meters. The whole set of table and chairs is specially made and suspended with a giant crane. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, everything is possible, while a chef, a waiter, and an entertainer are there to serve you.

Rambler Socket

Rambler Socket maybe the solution most of us are looking for as far as extension cords are concerned. I mean if you hit “Extension Cord” on YD, for most of the posts you will see readers nitpicking and finding fault with the design. Here’s why Rambler Socket will knock your socks off. It’s this 1.5 meters cord that unfurls from a cavity behind its socket. When you don’t need extensions, it’s neatly tucked away. When you need it, simply pinch the sides and wind it out.

Future Concept Playstation 4

Going futuristic has never gone out of style and this is quite clear from what we have over here: a PS4 console concept design that seems slimmer than the new PS3 Slim and raises hopes. Crafted, or rather, designed by Tai Chiem, this 3D model will surely make all the gizmo freaks drooling spit all over the place.As the designer expects, the Playstation 4 will sport a high end touch screen rather than glossy body that the current generation gaming console sports. 

The CD ROM has a sexy placement and a gloss cover that can be customized would definitely be an added advantage, what say? Even the PS4 controllers are designed to perfectly match with the console and will sport a few touch screen options. From the images given, it seems that the gen next Play station will also have an embedded OLED screen, which makes this Playstation 4 game console here twice as cool as expected, right? The designs are available in color variants of Black and White, of which, I think, Black definitely takes the crown.

History of Famous Company Names

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett. 

The word was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book Gulliver's Travels. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human. Yahoo! founders Jerry Yang and David Filo selected the name because they considered themselves yahoos. 

10 Rare Anushka Pictures

Jamesbond flim set and purpose

They used to say that you could tell a musical was bad when the audience exited "whistling the sets." Well, the Bond series has always boasted sets that evoked whistles from its first film to the latest. Production designers like Ken Adam, Syd Cain, and Peter Lamont have pushed the envelope of what was possible and even improbable in film design with their nefarious lairs, gleaming command headquarters, and pristine offices. From underground grottoes to cities in space, the architects of Evil have made sure that both the Good and Bad Guys of Bond have had only the best 5-star accommodations.

Their lavish designs have influenced real-world architecture so much that when scouting locations for Diamonds Are Forever, Ken Adam was astonished to find a Palm Springs house that he might have designed! And when Blofeld offers to buy Bond "a delicatessen in stainless steel" in For Your Eyes Only, it evoked in audiences memories of past film-sets' gleaming stanchions and single support staircases.

17.  Dr. No's Crab Key Facility

Featured in:- Dr. No (1962)
Art Director:- Ken Adam

The purpose of this nuclear-powered facility is to redirect or "topple" rockets launched by the US government from Cape Canaveral, Florida. For instance, Dr. No redirected a test flight of an experimental rocket design that was supposed to land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
From this facility, Dr. No was able to take control of the rocket and force it to land in the middle of the Brazilian jungle. No plans to use his facility to cause set-backs in both Eastern and Western rocket development, thus escalating Cold War tensions.

The Crab Key facility is a combination of a nuclear reactor, 5-star hotel, bauxite mine, and radio jamming center.
The facility is located on Crab Key, a small, private island between Jamaica and Cuba.

16.Goldfinger's Laser Room

Featured in:- Goldfinger (1964)

Art Director:- Ken Adam

Replacing a low-tech circular saw in Goldfinger's Swiss facility, the industrial laser emits an extraordinary light not to be found in Nature. It can cut though solid metal, making it an ideal choice to cleave gold panels into more usable configurations for Goldfinger's operations. Extremely powerful, the laser can be used to saw through all sorts of things!

Top 10 Addictive Facebook Games

Facebook is the best social networking site in the world. We all know what Facebook is and one of the reasons that make it such a blast today is due to its addictive mini games. Facebook has a good web-based platform, powerful APIs and a complete documentation that convenient the developers in building personalize applications.Mini games in Facebook is undeniably fun to play but the main reason that makes it so addictive is because the users are connected to thousands of other Facebook users who are also playing the games. In another words, multi-player gaming with friends takes it to a whole new level of fun. What can be more fun than having free games and in the same time expand your friend list? Here we have collected the 25 highly addictive Facebook games. We sure hope you have fun and make tons of new friends! 

1. FarmVille:
FarmVille is a flash game having landscapes and cute characters. It is extremely innovative and comes with an attractive and fascinating interface.

2. Word Challenge:
Created by Playfish, this games is here to test both your vocabulary and your thinking speed. You are giving 6 random characters, and you have to make a 3-6 letter word within limited time.

3. Texas Holdem Poker:
It is another game by Zynga and it also is a very popular mini game on Facebook.

2000 Years Old Roman bronze helmet sold for £2.3 MILLION

A rare Roman bronze helmet found in a field by a metal detecting enthusiast, sold for an astonishing £2.3 million at auction today(Oct 7, 2010).The immaculately preserved 2,000-year-old artefact, one of only three ever found in Britain, was discovered in a field by an unemployed graduate in his early 20s.

The 2,000-year-old artefact was discovered in a field by an unemployed graduate in his early 20s. The £2.3million will be split between the finder and the landowner.

World's first 3D Tv Without Glasses by Toshiba

The world's first 3D television that doesn't require glasses has hit the market.
Toshiba unveiled the high-definition liquid crystal display 3D television that does not require the special glasses - one of the biggest consumer complaints about the technology.
The Tokyo-based company hopes this could be the breakthrough that brings 3D TV to the masses. 

Glassess-less 3D: The Regza GL1 Series TV which combines image processing technology with a double convex sheet to render depth-filled images from any angle using parallax
Glassess-less 3D: The Regza GL1 Series TV which combines image processing technology with a double convex sheet to render depth-filled images from any angle using parallax

Toshiba describes the TVs as being for 'personal use'.
Whether consumers embrace the new TVs remains to be seen. Many might be put off by the fact that they'll have to be very close to the screen for the 3D effect to really work - not to mention the steep price tag.
Electronics and entertainment companies around the world are banking on 3D to fuel a new boom in TV, movies and games.Most 3D TVs on the market today rely on glasses to deliver separate images to each eye, which creates a sense of three-dimensional depth.In its new TVs, Toshiba uses a 'perpendicular lenticular sheet,' which consists of an array of small lenses that direct light from the display to nine points in front of the TV. If a viewer is sitting within the optimal viewing zone, the brain integrates these points into a single 3D image.

Small: Masaaki Osumi of Toshiba with the 12-inch 3D TV and the 20-inch
Small: Masaaki Osumi of Toshiba with the 12-inch 3D TV and the 20-inch

'The result is a precise rendering of high-quality 3D images whatever the viewing angle within the viewing zone,' Toshiba said.
The system is similar to what's used in Nintendo's 3DS, the company's highly anticipated hand-held device that features glasses-free 3D gaming.
Toshiba will offer two sizes - 12 inches and 20 inches. The technology is not advanced enough yet to integrate into larger screens. Suggested viewing distance for the 20-inch model is 90 centimetres (35.4 inches) and 65 centimetres (25.6 inches) for the 12-inch size.
The TVs will go on sale in Japan in late December, Toshiba said. The smaller version will cost about 120,000 yen (£912), and the larger one will be double the price.
The company did not release details on overseas availability.

A legend statue took 90 years to carve.

This statue begun in the year 713 in the Tang Dynasty, and finished in the year 803, the statue took people more than 90 years to carve. During these years, thousands of workers had expended their efforts and wisdom on the project. As the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, Leshan Giant Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story. Facing the river, the Buddha has symmetrical posture and looks which have been beautifully captured in its solemn stillness. It is 71 meters (about 233 feet) high, and has three-meter-long (about 11 feet) fingers. The eight-meter-long (about 27 feet) instep is big enough for one hundred people to sit on and the 28-meter-wide (about 92 feet) shoulder is large enough to be a basketball playground.

Architechtural secerets of  Leshan Giant Buddha

The charm of the Buddha lies not only in its size but also in its architectural artistry. There are 1,021 buns in the Buddha's coiled hair. These have been skillfully embedded in the head. The skill is so wonderful that the 1,021 buns seem integral to the whole. Another architectural highlight is the drainage system. This system is made up of some hidden gutters and channels, scattered on the head and arms, behind the ears and in the clothes. This system, which helps displace rainwater and keep the inner part dry, plays an important part in the protection of the Buddha.
The large pair of ears, each seven meters (about 23 feet) long, is made of wood and is decorated by mud on the surface. For craftsmen of thousands of years ago, it was not easy to fix these to the stone head.

LOCATION: China, Leshan city