Internet Explorer Evolution [From version 1 to 9]

 As Internet Explorer 9 is going to be released soon we have got the images showing the development of IE from version 1.0 which was released in 1995 to version 9 which is scheduled to be released in couple of days.

Internet Explorer 1.0 (1995)
The first version of Internet Explorer was available in 1995 along with Windows 95. The size of the explorer was slightly more then 1 MB and you can check in the screenshot that you even can’t view images in it.

Internet Explorer 2.0 (1995)
Microsoft released Internet Explorer 2 in the same year in which IE 1.0 was released. It was the first browser which was cross compatible with Windows and MAC OS. Also support was added for JavaScript,frames and Cookies but still you weren’t able to view the images.

Internet Explorer 3.0 (1996)
Internet Explorer 3 revolutionized the way people used to surf the net. It was released in 1996 and support was added for graphics and Internet Mail. It was downloaded around 1 Million times in the first week of it’s release.

Internet Explorer 4.0 (1997)
Internet Explorer was a simple upgrade of IE 3 in which the support for Active Desktop was added.The Active Desktop displayed content on the desktop itself and was updated itself when the content was updated.

Internet Explorer 5.0 (1999)
Internet Explorer 5 was launched in 1995 and was an advance browser in it’s time.The support for bi-directional text was added in IE 5 and indeed it was the first browser to support it.

Internet Explorer 6.0 (2001)
Some of the guys may still be using Internet Explorer 6.IIE 6 was released along with Windows XP and had Images Toolbar, Auto Image Resize option, Print Preview and Media Bar. It was the most widely used browser with the total market share of around 90% in 2002-03

Internet Explorer 7.0 (2006)
After a long gap of 5 years Internet Explorer 7 was released. It made surfing the net safer with the addition of phishing filter and ‘delete browsing history’ button to clear the history easily. Also tabbed browsing was introduced in IE 7 which helped in speeding up the browsing.

Internet Explorer 8.0 (2009)
IE 8 was released in 2009 and is still one of the most safest browsers in the market. It has features like InPrivate Browsing and SmartScreen phishing protection. Another features that were included in IE 8 were web slices, accelerators, automatic Tab crash recovery.

Internet Explorer 9.0 (2011)
Internet Explorer 9 is going to be released very soon and currently the RC version has been released and according to sources the RTM Escrow build has already been compiled. Microsoft has added support for HTML 5 and lot of other features in this version. We would be discussing about it once when it has been released.