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15 Great Founders Of Great Website

Today Internet has connected whole world. Internet is only thing which has replaced the practice of reading newspapers and use of letters through websites and email services. Today non of us like to pick up pen in our hand.
We can watch movies online. We can easily shop, connect to our friends, book our tickets, play games online, we can pay bills online for electricity, telephone or any thing else. But most of us do not know that who is behind this success.

Hutpedia have created a list of great of great website have a look:

1.Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Google

2.Brad Fitzpatrick - Livejournal

Unrevealed Fact Of The Furious ICC WorldCup - 2011

Did India Vs Srilanka final match was fixed?
Yes,The India Vs Srilanka final match was fixed.

1.The ceaseless world cup started in a enthusiastic way but ended in a gambling way.This series created a lot of fever among the souls of cricket lovers.
2.The mighty nation india ,ended the 28 years quest by winning the world cup again under milk man dhoni's captainship.

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale Album Photoshoot

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Celebrations of Indian Cricket Team [World Cup 2011]

World cup final was interesting for many reasons but it would be remembered till eternity for the manner of win. The lost game was reclaimed not by miracle but by determination.The new India is different. Believe it or not, this victory is announcement of jettisoning of slavery mentality. Only a proud India can fight back. See the way Gambhir and Kohli batted after the fall of Sehwag and Sachin wickets. The phase of hero-worship is over in India. Every individual is great. Gambhir has faith in himself as he is representative of liberated India. Same is true of Virat Kohli. The two helped stabilize the score not only due to techniques alone but also due to faith in oneself.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - their captain, talisman and most marketable player - lifted the biggest one-day prize on offer in the game to send a cricket-mad country into delirium.And he did it 28 years after Kapil Dev achieved the same feat at Lord's.And he did it 28 years after Kapil Dev achieved the same feat at Lord's.

5 Reasons Why Your Dreams Don’t Come True

We all have dreams or things that we’ve always wanted to learn, but somehow never manage to accomplish them. Either it’s learning a foreign language, starting a blog about a hobby or improving some skills in a certain domain, there’s a lot out there each one of us has the desire to accomplish.
Some complain about not having the time to do it, while others follow their dreams. What’s their secret? What are their priorities? How do they manage with their time? Do they have more time available, or do they make time for things that are important to them?
Nobody really knows the answer. Because following your dreams is all about you and your actions. I won’t tell you what to do to accomplish your dreams. But I can tell you what’s stopping you from getting there:

 1. Bad time management

The main excuse that people find when they want to do something but don’t manage to is time. “I’m so busy that I don’t have the physical time to do it”, or “I don’t even have time for myself”. While that can be true in some cases, in most of them it’s just making excuses.
People rarely work at 100% capacity. I know persons that have all their day filled with activities and others which don’t do much of a thing besides the daily struggles for making a living. Neither case is healthy. It’s good to keep your day busy, but not until you reach exhaustion.
Also, being caught daily in the same routine certainly kills creativity or any desire for personal development. Try to find an equilibrium between the two. Of course everybody is tired after a busy day, but instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching some sitcom you might as well reserve that hour for something you always wanted to do.

How to Insert Emoticons in Facebook Chat without software

Ever since Facebook released its instant messaging application on its site in 2008, many of its users have been utilizing the chat function to keep in contact with their Facebook friends. It is a simple function, but nonetheless user-friendly. Comparing what it is now and what it was three years back, not many would say it has changed much; it’s still a small bar located on your bottom-right corner which expands to let you see who’s online when you click on it.Even if the person you’re talking to can neither hear your tone nor see your facial expressions, you can always make it up by putting some emoticons along with your words. Here is the full list of facebook emoticons to spice up your chat.