Scarlett Johansson - InStyle Photoshoot

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Evaluation of Facebook Home Page


February: Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin launch Facebook from their Harvard dorm room

March: Facebook expands from Harvard to Stanford, Columbia and Yale
June: Facebook moves its base of operations to Palo Alto, California.
September: Groups application & the Wall is added as a Profile feature
December: Facebook reaches nearly 1 million users

May: Facebook grows to support more than 800 college networks
August: The company officially changes its name to Facebook from
October: Photos is added as an application
December: Facebook reaches more than 5.5 million active users

Adobe, Sony, Nokia And Motorola Logo History

Adobe Logo History

At its inception in December 1982, Adobe Systems had a staff of two: John Warnock and Chuck Geschke.

Starting up a new company was risky, especially for two fortysomething men with families to support. Warnock and Geschke were pragmatists,
however. If Adobe failed, they knew they could fi nd work elsewhere, given their pedigrees and the employment climate of Silicon Valley in the 1980s. Besides, the two were confi dent in the technology. Th ey knew that the software language they’d developed had natural applications for office environments in which dumb, noisy printers churned out page after page of poorly composed documents.

The programming language that became known as PostScript solved several problems. First, communications between PC and printer needed only one software language instead of a mishmash of specialized drivers and application protocols for each device. Second, the language could describe both text and graphics on one page, thus eliminating the need to literally cut and paste words and pictures onto paperboard. And this language
would be hooked up to one of the new, quieter laser printers, sparing workers the clatter of dot-matrix and daisy-wheel models.

Adobe First Logo Designer was Marva Warnock

Ariana Grande - Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival

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Halloween Very Funny Costumes

Halloween is the world's most people celebrating devil's party. Every year halloween celebrate in the october 31. Everyone likes to wear unique costume in the halloween days. Some people design our costume unque, different and horror. But some people try to be horror, but it fails. It looks very very funny and mad. On the halloween day, they go to parties, pub, clubs, and walk around the streets. Here we presented the most funny halloween costumes. Celebrate this day with the devils, ghosts and human blood licking dragula's.  Happy Devil Halloween Day Guys.

Lindsay Lohan - Fornarina Fall & Winter Photoshoot

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Nokia Mobile Use Windows OS - Lumia

Nokia has officially unveiled Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone-based device from the mobile giant at the Nokia World conference 2011 in London."It's a new dawn for Nokia, And we think we can break through." CEO Stephen Elop said at Nokia World Conference 2011 in London.

Microsoft has also packed the device with free software. Lumia 800 will be the only Windows Phone with Nokia Drive, which offers full, turn-by-turn voice navigation. Nokia is taking the right steps to diversify their phones by offering three apps you won't find with other carriers are the ESPN hub, Nokia Drive for turn-by-turn directions, and a music app that will do music mixes and streaming radio. Nokia Drive was the only one we were able to see, and the voice read-out. It's a great addition that will help match Android's turn-by-turn Google Maps navigation.

Egypt Tasty Traditional Dishes

Ful Medames:
Ful Medames consists of lava beans served with oil, garlic and lemon juice. It can be traced to Pharaonic roots, and quantities have been found in the Twelfth dynasty. The word “Medames” is Coptic for “buried” which refers to the way it was initially cooked: in a pot buried in hot coal or sand. It can be served with many embellishments such as butter, tomato sauce, tahini, fried or boiled eggs and pastrami. However, the most traditional method is to eat it plain and salted in an Egyptian bread bun.

Kushari is the Egyptian national dish, it consists of pasta and tomato sauce, among other items, including rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas. Having four sources of carbohydrates has made it the most popular lunch item in most common food outlets in Egypt for over 100 years. Kushari’s origins are not Egyptian at all, in fact it was a dish brought in by the British army in Egypt in the 19th century and the pasta was imported from Italy, the tomatoes are from Latin America and the rice from Asia. The idea to mix them all together in one extremely delicious, tasty and vegetarian dish was conceived in Egypt Country.

Kelly Brook - New Look Photoshoot

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Earthquake 7.2 Magnitude Hits Turkey

7.2 earthquake has struck Eastern Turkey, making it the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in ten years.Tens of thousands fled into the streets running, screaming or trying to reach relatives on cell phones as apartment and office buildings cracked or collapsed. As the full extent of the damage became clear, survivors dug in with shovels or even their bare hands, desperately trying to rescue the trapped and the injured.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at least 93 people were killed in Van, 45 others died in Ercis, and about 350 were injured. Several people were still trapped under rubble, he said, without citing any estimates.Up to 80 buildings collapsed in Ercis, including a dormitory, and 10 buildings collapsed in Van, the Turkish Red Crescent said. The sheer number of collapsed buildings gave rise to fears that the death toll could rise substantially.

Nicole Scherzinger - Capital FMs Summertime Ball Photoshoot

Top 5 Dictator's Who Ruled

Muammar Qaddafi:
Muammar Qaddafi is the dictator of Libya. Qaddafi took power in 1969 in a revolution. After three years with the title “Prime Minister” he changed it to “Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution”. All his bodyguards are female virgins, and he claims that Libya is run through a direct democracy. He blames Osama bin Laden and drugs for the 2011 Libyan Civil War, and once claimed that he conquered the U.S. He banned all Italians from Libya in revenge for the colonization of Libya during WWII. He was despises Switzerland, and wrote a UN resolution on why Switzerland should be dissolved. On his relations with the UN, he once gave a speech for two hours, during which he expressed support for Somali Pirates. He claimed that Israel was responsible for JFK’s assassination.

Saddam Hussein:
Saddam Hussein considered himself the incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar II. His face could be seen on office buildings, schools, airports, shops. All Iraqi currency had his picture. Hussein wrote a book, called Zabibah and the King. In the novel, “Arab” becomes king of Tikrit, the town Mr. Hussein was born in. He represents Saddam Hussein. He falls in love with Zabibah, a peasant woman representing the people of Iraq. Zabibah’s husband, representing the USA, rapes Zabibah. The other antagonists are Hezkel, an Emir, representing Israel, Shamil, representing Jews, and Nuri Chalabi, representing Ahmed Chalabi, an enemy of Saddam.

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS Features

Google and Samsung launched the latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in Hong Kong. We have broken down the long-awaited phone and OS’s new features, so that you can see exactly what is now brought to the table. Ice Cream Sandwich is packed with weird and wonderful new features, a dramatically changed interface and fonts, and improved camera software, plus tons more. We won't be able to get to every feature here, but we will cover the big stuff.

Goodbye Droid Sans, a new typeface called Roboto is here to rule the roost. Among the first new features championed by Google at the Hong Kong media event was a brand new typeface for Android in the shape of the easy-to-read "Roboto."

Bhutan King Weds Jetsun [Common Women]

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 31, and his new bride, Queen Jetsun Pema, 21, were joined by thousands of royal enthusiasts, as the ceremony took place at a Himalayan monastic fortress. The ceremony, which included dance performances, baby elephants and a procession of singers, aired live on national television for Bhutan's 700,000 people.

Jetsun Pema, who is the daughter of an airline pilot, is educated just like her new husband. The young queen studied subjects including English and economics at the prestigious Lawrence School Sanawar in India before pursuing her college degree at Regents College in London, where she focused on International Relations, Psychology and Art History. The king has a degree in Foreign Service Programme and International Relations from Magdalen College at the University of Oxford.

"I am happy. I have been waiting quite some time . . . she is a wonderful human being, intelligent. Her and I share one big thing in common - love and passion for art," Wangchuck told reporters following the ceremony. "While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character. These qualities together with the wisdom that will come with age and experience will make her a great servant to the nation," the king said at the time.The royal couple first announced their engagement on May 20, during the opening of the seventh session of parliament.

Apple Chairman And Former CEO Steve Jobs Died [1955-2011]

Steven Paul Jobs, the co-founder and chairman of Apple, died Wednesday at the age of 56. Apple has also put up the following website in memory. They’re asking for “thoughts, memories, and condolences” to be shared by way of this email address: 

Jobs remained Chairman of the Board at the company, as well as director and an Apple employee. He recommended that company COO Tim Cook take his place as CEO. Yesterday, Cook gave his first keynote address as CEO, unveiling the new iPhone 4S.

While that device had been the focal point of Apple’s website for the past 24 hours, is now simply dedicated to Jobs, using a famous picture of him (above) that will also grace the cover of his upcoming biography by Walter Isaacson due out next month. Jobs had battled cancer, and in 2004 had an operation related to the disease. In recent years, illness had forced him to step back from his role as CEO of Apple on separate occasions. He also had a liver transplant in 2009 during one of those medical leaves.

That performance as well has his announcement that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple for the final time, led to two of my favorite posts that I’ve ever written.

Steve Jobs was 56 years old. Rest in peace, Steve.

Rosat Satellite May Crash The Earth

The world was gripped by the Nasa UARS satellite that fell back to Earth last Saturday and now there’s another that’s plummeting back from orbit. In late October or early November a Germany astronomy satellite called ROSAT- will plunge uncontrolled back to Earth. Experts believe that two dozen metal pieces from the bus-sized Nasa satellite fell over a 500-mile span in the Pacific Ocean. It began hitting the water southwest of Christmas Island.
The German ROSAT satellite was launched in 1990, 'died' in 1998 and weighs two and a half tonnes. The German space agency estimates that 30 pieces weighing less than two tons will survive re-entry. Debris may include sharp mirror shards. The German space agency puts the odds of somebody somewhere on Earth being hurt by its satellite at 1-in-2,000 — a slightly higher level of risk than was calculated for the Nasa satellite.Again, it seems certain that information on when or where the satellite might land will be scant.

Equipped with an 84cm mirror, it completed an X-ray survey of the sky, finding more than 150,000 objects. It followed up with targeted observations of interesting objects from galaxies, to neutron stars and even comets. It was switched off in 1999 and I calculate that it is now perhaps three weeks away from re-entry as its orbit decays, though it could survive into November.

iPhone 4S Personal Assistant Siri [Introduction Video]

Long before today’s announcement that the Siri Voice Assistant would be an integral part of iOS, Siri was a third-party app. It wasn’t as pretty, and not nearly as well integrated, but it had one big advantage that it ran on just about any iOS device.Then Apple bought Siri. It immediately became clear that Apple was making a push into voice and yet, the app stayed on the store. It lived on un-updated, but it lived on nevertheless.
Siri brings a conversational interface to the iPhone which allows you to ask it to perform tasks for you such as find a French restaurant nearby and book a table, look up movie listings, order a taxi, or look up the phone number and address of a local business.Siri is the “mother of all mashups.” The iPhone app is a conversational interface with Siri’s servers on the Web, which tied into nearly 30 different APIs at launch, with more on the way. These include Open Table, TaxiMagic,, Rotten Tomatoes, WeatherBug, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Boss, StubHub, Bing, Citysearch, Gayot, and Wolfram Alpha.

Paris Hilton In India

Iphone 5 Features And Release Date [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple Inc. has issued invites for an October 4 event that will showcase the highly anticipated fifth generation iPhone. Since January, tech sites and news agencies, all citing suppliers, insiders, or their crystal balls, have reported about the release date and the new features of the iPhone 5. The show in Apple's campus will tell you if the iPhone 5 will have a design overhaul or have minor cosmetic changes and help assess how far off or accurate are the Internet's daily servings of iPhone 5 stories.