Katy Perry American Music Awards 2010 Photos

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World's Top 5 Most Powerful Persons Of 2010

5.Pope Benedict XVI:
Pope, Roman Catholic Church
Age: 83
Title: Pope
Organization: Roman Catholic Church
Residence: Vatican City
Country of citizenship: Germany 
Marital Status: Single

Information about Pope Benedict XVI:
Highest earthly authority for 1.1 billion souls, or one-sixth of world's population. Staunch traditionalist deplores secularism, consumerism and moral relativism, unbending on birth control, gay marriage and ordination of female priests. Despite major gaffes (including lifting the excommunication of a Holocaust-denying Bishop and quoting a 14th-century source that declared the only new things the prophet Mohammed brought were "evil and inhuman"), appears genuinely interested in healing old wounds. In September, not only became the first Pope to visit Westminster Abbey since the Protestant Reformation, but also shook hands with a clergywoman (another first). Widening sexual abuse scandal could undermine moral authority, but increasingly willing to tackle issue head on: "Forgiveness does not substitute for justice." Stylish: Has brought back traditional red, custom-made "pope shoes" and old-school Ecclesiastical headgear.

Evolution Of Popular Websites Homepage

Google was still in beta ten years ago. These guys believed in simplicity and there’s no exception whether it’s 1998 or 2008.
Google 1998

 Google 2008

Bill Gates 97 Million Dollar House

The 97-million Bill Gates mansion in Washington spans more than 66000 square feet, and sits on a 2.1 hectare lot.

Rihanna In Pantyhose - Photos

Yahoo Office Photos

Yahoo! Inc. is an American public corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, that provides Internet services worldwide. The company is perhaps best known for its web portal, search engine, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, advertising, online mapping, video sharing, and social media websites and services. As of January, 2010, Yahoo held the world’s largest market share in online display advertising.

ICC World Cup 2011 Schedule

The final fixtures of ICC Cricket World cup 2011 has been announced with India taking Bangladesh in the opening match. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be the hosts with Mumbai hosting the final of the World cup. It seems ICC took lessons from 2007 world cup and has divided the teams in two groups so that big teams qualify.

Group Division:
Group A:
Group B
Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya.
India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands.

Alain Robert [French Spiderman] Climbs Hong kong Bank

Alain Robert wants the world to know he takes his "French Spiderman" moniker very seriously. 
Famous for not revealing which building he plans to climb in advance, the French climber scaled all 27 stories of the 450-foot-tall Hang Seng Bank headquarters in Hong Kong with his bare hands, to the delight of cheering fans below. Despite not having official permission to scale the walls of the building, the 48-year-old daredevil was reportedly allowed to walk away without charges.

 "At the end of the day I am very, very sure that there is absolutely zero damage and in terms of the law, what I did now is not considered as a crime, so then that is the reason why I have been released," he told ITN. According to the Telegraph, Robert has climbed over 85 giant structures around the globe, including Chicago's Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and Sydney's 57-story Lumiere Building, where he was promptly arrested after reaching the top.

Miley Cyrus - Birthday Party Photoshots

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iPad 2 Features And Release Date

In the past few week there’s been a lot of buzz around the next generation of iPad – The iPad 2.There are a lot of iPad Killer tab available and a lot of tabs were launched in CES 2011, but nothing can replace iPad except an iPad 2 and rumors are that it is coming very soon.

There are lot of announcements and rumors from miscellaneous sources regarding iPad2, so I thought to sum up all those in thi spost and see what do we know till now about iPad 2.

1. iPad 2 release date:
 Rumors suggested that the iPad 2 would be out by Mid Feb or March ,but nothing is for sure. We have earlier reported that the iPad 2 will start shipping in March 2011 from electronics maker Foxconn Electronics’ factories in China.
 Also we have another rumor as suggested by Kevin Rose, that iPad 2 will be announce by next 3-4 weeks. Kevin Rose, the Digg founder received information from a source that iPad 2 is going to announce with short period, possibly on 1st February 2011.

2. New Feature: Find My Friends :
We reported on 14th Jan that iPad 2 might get a new location based friends searching feature called ‘Find My Friends’.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg New Home

On Mark’s Facebook page, the 26 year billionaire listed his personal interests as “openness, making things that help people connect and share what’s important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism”. We don’t know if these life principles were the ones that indirectly led him towards this new home, a five bedrooms and around 3,800 square feet residence located in Palo Alto neighborhood, California. What we find intriguing is the fact that this place is a rental and that it looks quite modest when compared to other celebrity mansions. CEO Mark Zuckerberg currently lives just down the street from Facebook’s headquarters, where he is said to spend about 16 hours a day making sure that our networking needs are met. And yes, the black Acura parked in front of the house belongs to Mark.

Britney Spears Rare Photoshoot

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Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut's Tricks

Anyone working professionally with a computer has their hands on the keyboard most of the time. Reaching for the mouse can be an annoying disturbance and personally I often turn over my mouse in such situations. An easy solution is to simply keep the hands on the keyboard and complete as many tasks as possible with keyboard shortcuts only.
Aero Shortcuts :
•[Windows] + [Spacebar] (Aero Peek)
 Make all open windows transparent to view gadgets and icons on desktop.
•[Windows] + [D] (Aero Peek)
 Show or hide the desktop.
•[Windows] + [Home] (Aero Shake)
 Minimize all but selected window. Reverse by clicking the key combination again.

•[Windows] + left arrow OR [Windows] + right arrow (Aero Snap)
 Dock selected window to the left or right half of your screen.
•[Windows] + up arrow OR [Windows] + down arrow (Aero Snap)
 Maximized and restores the selected window.
•[Windows] + [SHIFT] + up arrow OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + down arrow (Aero Snap)
 Maximizes and restores selected window in vertical dimension only.
•[Windows] + [Tab] (Aero Flip)
 Launch 3D representation of open windows and click [Tab] key again to flip through them.

Windows & Taskbar Shortcuts :

•[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Tag] + left/right/up/down arrow
 Flip window.

Evolution of Google Homepage [1997 - 2009]

In 1997 to early 1998, Google was still available at google.stanford.edu. The Beta sign wasn’t yet live.

 In 1998, Google was almost cluttered. Back then there was still some emphasis on “Stanford Search,” showing the roots of where Google comes from. Also, right on the front-page you could subscribe to the now extinct Google Friends newsletter. And of course, Google – with the not so pretty logo co-founder Sergey made in GIMP – was still in Beta...

Evolution of Microsoft Windows OS

It all began in Plaza Hotel, New York City on the 10th of November 1983. Two Microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates officially announced their corporation’s first and next-generation graphical user interface operating system – Microsoft Windows.

Despite the criticism on stability and constantly being compared to their rivals Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows is still the most widely used operating systems in the world. In this article, we’ll bring you back to 1985 where the very first official Microsoft Windows 1.0 was announced, and then we take a trip down memory lane to see all boot screens and desktop interface of all Windows operating system possible.

Windows 1.01 (1985) : 
Officially released on November 20, 1985, this 16-bit OS that cost less than 1MB in overall is Microsoft’s very first operating system that allows multi tasking with graphical user interface on PC platform that runs on MS-DOS 5.0.

Windows 1.03 (1986) :
Introduced in 1986, Windows 1.03 is an upgrade to its previous predecessor Windows 1.01. Entire operating system cost about 2.2Mb hard disk space.

Facebook E-mail Service Project

Back in February we wrote about Facebook’s secret Project Titan — a web-based email client that we hear is unofficially referred to internally as its “Gmail killer”. Now we’ve heard from sources that this is indeed what’s coming on Monday during Facebook’s special event, alongside personal @facebook.com email addresses for users.

According to their sources, this isn’t just a rehash of the existing Facebook messaging system with the ability to pull in outside messages and POP access; instead, it’s the first step in a far more comprehensive Gmail alternative. Tipped for eventual inclusion is some sort of weighting system – similar to Gmail’s Priority Inbox – that uses your Facebook friends information and your history of interactions to better filter out the messages it believes you’ll want to read first.

Top 5 Influential People Who Never Lived

5.Romeo and Juliet:
Not only can Romeo and Juliet be blamed for much of our ideas of the “perfect relationship” – I think it can also be blamed for a high percentage of divorces. Couples going in to marriage seek the ideal of a relationship based entirely on passion and romance, and when that romance dims (as so often is the case) they feel cheated and believe the marriage has failed. When in reality, passionate romance is not required for a healthy marriage – while respect, love, and charity is. Romeo and Juliet have much to answer for.


This is one for the boys obviously! Even in remote New Zealand where I grew up, all the boys played “Cowboys and Indians”. The cowboy was a great hero with a shining gun who represented the morality of Western ideals: manliness, defense of justice, protection of women and children. No doubt many now cringe at the lack of political correctness involved in the game and stereotype, but kids aren’t politically correct (thank God) and certainly won’t be hindered because of it. The influence of the Cowboy movie genre is indisputable an immense one. Oh – and for those who say “but cowboys are real!” – yes – but this is about the concept – not about a specific person – just as we might say Santa existed as St Nicholas, the concept is bigger than any one person.

Top 5 Undefeated Fortresses

 5. Palanok Castle – Ukraine

The castle is intelligently designed and is located on a volcanic hill which gives this castle a unique location to safeguard itself from intruders and enemies. The castle was built by French engineers and has also remained the residential place of the Royal family. The castle has also been used as a political prison. The castle is divided into low, medium and high castle where the high castle is lavishly decorated for the Royal family. Today, this impregnable castle has been turned into a museum for the people to see.

 4. Malbork Castle – Poland

The castle now is better known as Malbork Castle because it is situated in Malbork. However, the castle was built by the Teutonic Order who were knights interested in helping sick and injured Catholics in Poland. The castle remains as one of the classic examples of medieval castle and today it has been named as UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland. The castle also holds the record of world’s largest brick gothic castle. The castle was built in 1274 and was named as Marienburg after the Virgin Mary. The castle remains undefeated till date because of its unique location. The surrounding areas near the castle are very flat and does not give any chance to the enemy to hide and therefore the warriors have ample of time to get ready and prepare the war before the enemy approaches from distance.

Amazing and Dangerous Tennis Court

Burj Al Arab - one of the world's most luxurious hotels and the highest tower in the world situated in the city of dreams Dubai. It  has the highest tennis court in the world. Its space, located at 210 metres of altitude can also used as a helipad for emergency landings or guest traffic. This hotel become a dream hotel due to its extraordinary luxuries. To play and have complete control over the ball is quite difficult at the hight of 210 meter . The  scenic beauty of entire Dubai is visible from this ground and the view is breathtaking. Access to his hotel is limited for celebrities only because of its stying cost.

IE9 Hits 30 Million Downloads

As 2010 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look at the changes this last year in the IE world. At end of 2009, IE 6 and IE7 accounted for 38.51% of internet users, while IE8 had 24.15% of users worldwide. Fast forward twelve months later, IE6 and IE7 have shed over 40% of users and now only account for 22.98% of users worldwide – with IE6 hitting an all-time low of 13.81%. IE8 usage on the other hand has increased by almost 40% during the same time. Combined with the near half-percent of users of newly introduced IE9 Beta, the modern Internet Explorer browsers now account for 34.07% of users worldwide according to Net Applications.

Mac App Store sold over millions of downloads

The new Mac app store during the launch yesterday, more than one million times. That makes Apple announced..The most downloaded paid app on the App Store was new Angry Birds. The social networking application Twitter was the most downloaded free app. The new Mac App Store launched Thursday with over 1000 apps in 21 different categories. “We are amazed by the incredible response that gets the Mac App Store,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. 

“Developers have a great job for the apps in the store and get users to enjoy the convenience and pleasure in using the Mac App Store shows up.”

A Better Class of Apps:
One of the great things about iOS is that it brought many feature-focused, simple-to-use applications to market. Software maturity often brings software bloat, so you end up with sluggish software and tons of features you neither need nor want. While many of the initial offerings in the Mac App Store also exist on the Mac outside the App Store, you can see a hint of iOS apps making their way to the Mac platform. While some apps unquestionably require many features, and there is no paradigm in simplicity, the iOS-style of app will be a very useful addition to the Mac software ecosystem. I've been using Weet (Twitter client) and Reeder (RSS reader) on the Mac for a while now, and they both demonstrate how well simple and lightweight apps can work on the Mac. Too many features and slow performance is frustrating, so a little more iOS in our Mac apps is very welcome.