Self-Confidence Of Handless Student - Fan Ling

Fan Ling, 21, studies at the library of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University on Oct 18, 2011. Fan lost his right arm and most of his left arm, and one ear after being hit by high voltage wires at the age of 6. However, despite his handicap he still writes, works on the computer, plays tennis, draws and lives an active lifestyle. Ling is an inspiration and a reminder that no matter how hard your life can be there still is no reason to throw in the towel and give up. Fan says he wants to teach in less-developed areas after graduation.

La Tomatina - Tomato Throwing Festival

La Tomatina is a Spanish festival where people throw tomatoes and friendly fight with each other. It always have been celebrated on the last Wednesday of august, during the days of festivities of Buñol. Many people came from foreign country for celebrating the the tomato throwing fight with their friends. Tons of tomatoes are use for celebrating tomatina festival carried through large trucks.

It quiet interesting because of throwing tomatoes on your close one's. But it have certain rules. It was derived for protect people from injuries and unnecessary wound. There will be a ambulance parked near to the event happening place for emergency. In karnataka state of India, a private organization planned to do tomatina festival but government not given permission for it.

Apple Early Advertising Strategies

Everyone knows Apple company well. Apple company was founded by two fellow friends. It was rised by one inventor. One of the top billion dollar making company in the world. Initially, some of the apple products had been not reached to the consumer's. But most of his products was reached to the costomer's because of steve job's powerful keynote presentation about his product. They had moved some brainy tactics in their advertisement.

But at the beginning stage of apple company depends upon their initial attractive newspaper advertisement. All computer products was popularized by the impressive pictures and its description in the newspapers. All peoples who had knowledge about computer in that time was attracted towards apple products. It leads to made big development in the apple company. Now, it's the first company which earned billion dollar revenue in the market. Here, you can see those attractive advertisement given by apple company.