Facebook World - Analysis of Social Network Sites

Twice a year (in June and in December), Vincenzo Cosenza creates a “world map of social networks”, showing the dominant social networks by country, based on traffic data gathered from Alexa and Google Trends for Websites.In June 2009, Facebook was already quite big, and at the end of that year its accelerating growth became even more apparent. By December 2010, the map colored bluer than ever.

Zynga - Empires & Allies New Game

Social gaming giant Zynga is launching its latest game Empires & Allies, the company’s first strategy combat game. Zynga is going big with this launch, debuting the game on Facebook in 12 languages. Zynga says this is the gaming company’s most social title to date.


Top 10 Developed Countries in the world[2011]

Developed countries are those which are economically, financially strong. These countries growth and GDP is on high and per capital income of these countries and rapidly going on top, so here in this article I arrange these top ten developed countries which are as follows.

10 Most Beautiful Tourist Place's

 10,.Plitvice Lakes National Park