15 Top Magical Places in the World

This maybe the stuff of fairy-tales but you can bring magic to life! Visit these breath-taking magical destinations and live out your own travel legend!

15. Hobbits’ House, Dordogne, France
Dordogne France

14. Lake of Dreams, Yuangshuo, China
China Lake

13. The Snow Queen’s Lair, Hausham, Germany
Bavaria Forest

12. Warlocks’ Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland
Scotland castle

11. Wishing Bridge, Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland
Switzerland bridge

10. Rapunzel’s Tower, Huddersfield, UK
Castle Hill Huddersfield

9. The Faraway Tree, Oxfordshire, UK
Oxfordshire tree

8. Golden Pagodas, Bagan, Myanmar
Myanmar Pagodas

7. Prince Charming’s Castle, Gstaad, Switzerland
Gstaad Castle

6. Knights’ Ship, River Elbe, Germany
Elbe Ship

5. Emperor’s Palace, Versailles, France
Versailles palace

4. Magical Lagoon, Mount Cook, New Zealand
Lake Pukaki

3. Wizards’ Town, Gent, Belgium
Gent town

2. The Enchanted Forest, Oberursel, Germany
Germany taunus forest

1. Sorcerer’s Castle, Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne Castle
Been to any of these places? Got more magical travel recommendations? Which fairy-tale character would you be*?!
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