SURVOLT - Electric Car Concept

In 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Citroen unveiled its new concept car – Survolt. It is an all-electric car concept that presents an aerodynamic design combining “flowing lines (that) convey agility, precision and vitality – with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame.

Inspired from sports cars, it presents a sleek, compact and low-slung frame while swooping lines and sweeping curves gives a sense of agility and dynamic performance. Featuring a complex design with numerous little styling details, the Survolt is a mix of “high fashion, extravagance and more than a hint of motor racing punch.” It shows a new concept of stylish, sporty and elegant supermini.

Two seats of Survolt are surrounded by glass and chrome-finished roll bars, presenting a sensation of light and space as well as blending luxury and motor racing.