Volcano Destroyed Entire City

One fateful day a pleasant city nestled beneath a dormant volcano was completely destroyed when the volatile peak rumbled to life. Everyone knows the story of Pompeii in Italy, destroyed in AD 79 by Mount Vesuvius. But this was the city of Plymouth, Monserrat in 1995. On that fateful day, Soufriere Hills volcano which had lain dormant though out recorded history exploded in an eruption of titanic proportions that consumed Plymouth under 12 metres of mud and rendered the southern half of Montserrat uninhabitable. The eruption led more than half the population of Montserrat to flee abroad due to lack of housing and economic disruption.

In 1997, 19 people died after being overtaken by a pyroclastic flow following another eruption. Since then, the volcano's activities have been confined to venting ash into the unhabited southern region. Buried cars and houses visible on by their roofs are a common site today amid the ruins of Plymouth. Some images depicts the fateful day in AD 79 when Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii erupted. An ancient city completely destroyed, buried by more than 60 feet of ash and pumice and lost to civilisation for more than 1,500 years. Now, after its accidental discovery in 1592, Pompeii has become a world heritage site, excavated by archeologists to reveal many of the treasures of this ancient Roman city.

First World Class Hotel In Asia

First World Hotel is a three-star hotel with more than 6,118-rooms, making it the fourth-largest hotel in the world by number of rooms, in two colorful towers. It was the largest hotel in the world until The Palazzo, an expansion of The Venetian in Las Vegas. First World Hotel located in Genting Highlands in the Mountains Titivangsa, near lush tropical rain forest far from the city. Sign resettled as a courtyard in the Spanish style, the total area is 15,240 square meters, including shopping malls, casinos, cafes, bars and a lobby on the jungle. Thus, the luxury resort has much to offer to entertain you during your vacation and rest from work.

Gold Diggers In Congo

Gold is the symbol of power, wealth and fame. We all think it's easy to get to the gold and that it is easy to dig. We are right because the excavation of one gram of gold to be tons and tons of earth and stone. Long process to the final great product, has the kinds of processes and process. But there is one other system of removing the gold less known to us and to work for a long time in low economically developed countries, but rich in gold, like Congo.Process getting gold in the Congo, is something difficult that can be experienced in life. Not only difficult but also incredibly dirty and very poorly paid wage job. Monthly salary of gold digger in Congo is measured in a few dollars is not enough even for basic needs. But in hard life there is not many choices,especially in Congo.

Vani Kapoor Latest Photoshoot

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Pyramids Of Tucume In Peru

We all know how pyramids are mysterious and wonderful buildings. We yet don't know how exactly they were built and what was their main purpose and they still remain one of the most interesting things from humans past. There is already a large number of well known pyramids, but there are some of them which still remain unseen and less popular. Here you'll see some interesting photos of forgotten Tucume pyramids which are located in Lambayeque Valley at the North Coast of Peru. There are about 26 major pyramids and platforms at the Lambayeque Valley and the largest of them is Huaca Larga which measures 700 meters in length, 280 meters in width and 30 meters in height. It is believed that those pyramids were built around 1000-1500 AD.