Internet Explorer 10 Features And Release Date [IE10]

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Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 3 on September 13, 2011. It will release with the windows 8. It currently in the development. New items such as Web Sockets, Web Workers, 3D Transforms, IndexedDB and Application Cache are music to the ears of many Web developers who want to make rich, interactive Web sites.

IE 10 also is a key foundation for Windows 8 applications. IE10's ability to run "chromeless" in a full-screen mode and a touch-friendly design. The better the browser's support for new technologies, the better next-gen Windows apps can be. In particular, the apps based on browser technologies will run handily on tablets built with ARM processors.

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IE10 will have new capabilities, IE10 seems set to be an evolutionary, not revolutionary, step for IE. IE9 brought support for a lot of browser standards: including HTML5 video and audio, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CSS3 (the new version of Cascading Style Sheets for page formatting), the canvas for 2D drawing. As important, its JavaScript performance leaped, and the browser ignited the current race to build hardware acceleration into the browser for better speed and lower power consumption. And behind the scenes, Microsoft has become active in standards development. IE 10 uses Trident 6.0 engine. which has updated compared to IE 9 Engine 
IE 10 Screenshots
IE 10 Screenshots

Release Date:
Microsoft made the decision after surveying 97,000 internet sites worldwide, deducing that a portion of the 62% sampled defaulted to HTML 5 in the absence of plug-in support. Due in part to this intentional omission, the Ballmer-led co. now claims the new, touch-optimized version of IE 10 will run faster, sustain battery life and offer improved security and privacy. It will release soon in the early 2012. May be it will release with windows 8.
IE 10 Screenshots

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