GTA V Trailer And Release Date

Few days ago, The rockstar games proudly announced their new game. Most anticipated awaiting game, it is the sequal of the Grand Theft Auto Game. Yeah, it is Grand theft auto V sequence of Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand theft auto V is an upcoming game developed by Rockstar North. Rockstar North is a britsh game development studio. Everyone already know about Grand Theft Auto games series. Grand Theft Auto is the best selling games ever in the play station 2 and windows.The logo for gta V looks like "V". Recently, Rockstar games released the trailer for grand theft auto V.

Dan Houser, producer of grand theft auto was first confirmed about GTA V in the the times interview on November 2009. After the official announcement of GTA V, twitter hits GTA 5 trends as first on that day. It might be satisfy the fans anticipation. There are many rumours about GTA V in the 2010. The game describes the new los angeles people life style in the GTA V game. There is no doubt it shall be more than 4 discs because GTA IV have 4 DVD. It can support for Play statiuon 3, Kinetic, Xbox 360, Windows, ios 5, android and may be Mac OS X lion too.

You can't count the number of fans for GTA, there is a very huge fans for GTA series. The game features are not yet officially released but some rumours are round over the internet. It might be give support for play station 4 which will be plan to release in the half of 2012. In the previous version, hollywood in the game but it will replace by vinewood sign in the GTA V. The GTA V game will preorder in the spring of 2012. Keep dreaming about GTA V. It surely  satisy you!. Here you can find the Grand Theft Auto V Trailer.