Virtual Tour To Pixar Animation Studio

Pixar logo
Everyone well knows about the Pixar Animation Studio Company. No one knows about how Pixar Animation Studio looks? Now we are proudly going to take you to the pixar animation studio. Pixar's recently announced that they are going to working on the new film "Brave". Pixar company was first discovered by the Apple chairman Steve Jobs. After a few years later, Walt Disney acquired the Pixar company. Currently, Pixar studio is releases 12 films. Pixar Animation Studio has won 26 Academy Awards, 3 Grammy Awards, 7 Golden Globes and many other awards.
Toy story was the first movie developed by the Pixar Animation Studio. The company is very well strong in the rendering and CGI. Along with the steve jobs, another two key person's are there. One is Ed Catmulland another one is Alvy Ray Smith. Recently, pixar celebrated it's 25th annivarsary with the Cars 2 film. Pixar's animation movies are box office hit and get more revenue's. Pixar created many character's and these charactor's rule the world through the fan's support.