Steve Jobs Best Invention's Ever

Even a child can work with the steve Jobs invention today. Steve's invention's are very simple and beautiful. Yes, he's the inventor of iphone, ipad, ipod and many more. He said "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works".

Steve jobs one of the best invention is Ipod. Ipod is a first portable music player. It was released in the year 2001 and manufactured by the Foxconn. It was designed and developed by the Apple Inc. Currently, it sold three hundred million all around the world. Apple released many types ipods. They are  iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. Recently, apple released the ipod touch and it has operating system ios 5. It has very huge development compared to previous release.It supports some certain services include iTunes Music Store, App Store, iCloud, iBooks, MobileMe, Game Center. Ipod simple logic is wherever you go music will follow.

Steve jobs announced the apple events but it's not a normal event on 2007. In this event, apple CEO steve jobs introduced the new and first smartphone called as "Iphone". It has a numerous features and looks very simple. Iphone is sold 17 million in the 2011. Recently, Tim cook new CEO of apple released the iPhone 4S in the apple event 2011. Iphone works under the ios operating system. It supports many apps and the apps are available in the Apple App Store. It's inspiration of all other smartphones. Currently, it introduced a applicaion called "SIRI". It is the voice personal assistant to the iphone 4S users.

Steve jobs final invention of his life time. It's named as "Ipad", we can call it as "World's most modern tablet". We can do anything using ipad what we can do in the computer.  It works with the ios operating system. Currently, it solds more than 40 million al around the world. First ipad was released in the 2010 and manufactured by Foxconn. once upon a time, it was the most anticipated device ever. People's are most interest to buy the ipad. It will helps you in the studies, travel, business, healthcare, sports, music and so on. it works with the ios and it supports ios applications. In the second generation ipad 2, it has front camera.

Macintosh is a sequal of several computer's introduced and developed by the apple. It has operating system called "Mac OS". From version 1 to 7, we could call it as "Mac OS". After the version 7, we can call it as "Mac OS x". Recently, mac os x family introduced a new member called "Mac OS Lion". It has numerous features and it has capability working with the intel processor. We can install dual os using boot camp in the mac os x. In the apple computers, mac os is the main operationg system. Mac os x is an compatator to the windows OS. U.S citizen's are highly recommend the Mac OS X.

Apple Inc:
Steve jobs best invention is Apple Corporation. Apple was founded in the year April 1, 1976 on the april fool day and the founder's are steve jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne. Apple is developed many new things include iphone, ipod, ipad and so on. Steve jobs have more shares in the apple inc. It is the biggest company ever in the world. It's revenue is more than an U.S government. All over the world, people things, apple products are in the good quality and best design. Anyway thanks for the steve jobs for make our life easier with  digital life. R.I.P Steve Jobs.