Zynga Upcoming New Game CastleVille

Castle ville is an upcoming adventure game developed and published by Zynga. Zynga is a social media gaming giant company. As Zynga announced at an event, the newest title CastleVille. The newest title from the social gaming giant allows players to build mini-empires from castles, craft art and armour and trade, and defend your kingdom in a medieval world. “We’re beginning to see the design of what an MMORPG would look like to a broad audience,” said Bill Jackson, director of Zynga Dallas.

There are many features in the castleville. It will surely attract the zynga games huge fans. The core feature of the game is the ability to create and build your own kingdom, complete with castles, bridges, plants, walls and townspeople. Users can then show off their creations off to their friends, just like previous games in the “Ville” series. It also includes the familiar dynamic of helping neighbors finish their buildings, beating up baddies and collecting coins.

Another feature that makes the kingdom more real is that this is the most graphic-rich, expressive game to date. You’ll see actions like fish-hopping in the pond, trees shaking, and other sound effects tied to actions from within the game. This gives you more of an incentive to interact with friends and buy virtual goods. Jackson says this streamlined social experience makes it easier and more fun to play the game with friends. Zynga already released a trailer for their new game CastleVille. It plans to release the game in a few weeks at the facebook and googleplus.

CastleVille will be available to play for free in the next few weeks in 17 languages includes English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Japanese and Thai. The company launched Mafia Wars 2, Adventure World, The Pioneer Trail, Empires & Allies, and Hanging with Friends. we know that developing new hits is a big part of Zynga’s business model and that profits were down in Q2 of this year because of the lack of any new game launches in the first half of 2011. 

Trailer for Zynga's CastleVille