Bhutan King Weds Jetsun [Common Women]

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 31, and his new bride, Queen Jetsun Pema, 21, were joined by thousands of royal enthusiasts, as the ceremony took place at a Himalayan monastic fortress. The ceremony, which included dance performances, baby elephants and a procession of singers, aired live on national television for Bhutan's 700,000 people.

Jetsun Pema, who is the daughter of an airline pilot, is educated just like her new husband. The young queen studied subjects including English and economics at the prestigious Lawrence School Sanawar in India before pursuing her college degree at Regents College in London, where she focused on International Relations, Psychology and Art History. The king has a degree in Foreign Service Programme and International Relations from Magdalen College at the University of Oxford.

"I am happy. I have been waiting quite some time . . . she is a wonderful human being, intelligent. Her and I share one big thing in common - love and passion for art," Wangchuck told reporters following the ceremony. "While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character. These qualities together with the wisdom that will come with age and experience will make her a great servant to the nation," the king said at the time.The royal couple first announced their engagement on May 20, during the opening of the seventh session of parliament.

The royal bride arrived wearing not Alexander McQueen but a local garment called a Kira, which took three years to weave. There was no kiss on a balcony like William and Kate -- they're too modest for that... but they did have a big party after the ceremony.There was singing, dancing and a lot of mingling. The festivities were sure to increase the statistic that the country cares about most, Gross National Happiness.

Jetsun Pema, Queen of Bhutan