Adobe, Sony, Nokia And Motorola Logo History

Adobe Logo History

At its inception in December 1982, Adobe Systems had a staff of two: John Warnock and Chuck Geschke.

Starting up a new company was risky, especially for two fortysomething men with families to support. Warnock and Geschke were pragmatists,
however. If Adobe failed, they knew they could fi nd work elsewhere, given their pedigrees and the employment climate of Silicon Valley in the 1980s. Besides, the two were confi dent in the technology. Th ey knew that the software language they’d developed had natural applications for office environments in which dumb, noisy printers churned out page after page of poorly composed documents.

The programming language that became known as PostScript solved several problems. First, communications between PC and printer needed only one software language instead of a mishmash of specialized drivers and application protocols for each device. Second, the language could describe both text and graphics on one page, thus eliminating the need to literally cut and paste words and pictures onto paperboard. And this language
would be hooked up to one of the new, quieter laser printers, sparing workers the clatter of dot-matrix and daisy-wheel models.

Adobe First Logo Designer was Marva Warnock

With the help of Clinton Nagy, a real estate broker who eventually joined the Adobe sales team, Adobe secured a 2,800-square-foot space on Marine Way in Mountain View, California. Warnock and Geschke leased computers and furniture. Friends and family were put to work—even Geschke’s 80-year-old father stained the lumber for shelving. Graphic designer Marva Warnock, John’s wife, designed the company logo.

Nokia Logo History

The first Nokia Company logo.


Nokia, Finnish Rubber Works Ltd. In addition to footwear and tyres, Nokia Rubber Works also manufactured rubber bands, industrial parts and raincoats.

The Nokia "arrows" logo before the Connecting People logo.

The Nokia "Connecting People" slogan was invented by Ove Strandberg. 

Nokia started by making paper – the original communications technology

The history of Nokia goes back to 1865. That was when Fredrik Idestam built a wood pulp mill on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, in southern Finland. A few years later, he built a second mill by the Nokianvirta river – the place that gave Nokia its name.

1898: Finnish Rubber Works founded
Arvid Wickström founds Finnish Rubber Works, which will later become Nokia's rubber business.

1967: The merger
Nokia Ab, Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable works formally merge to create Nokia Corporation.


Sony Logo History

Motorola Logo History


In 1947 Galvin Manufacturing Corporation became Motorola, Inc. 

In June 1955 Motorola introduced a new brand logo, the stylized "M" insignia, or "emsignia."