Top 5 Dictator's Who Ruled

Muammar Qaddafi:
Muammar Qaddafi is the dictator of Libya. Qaddafi took power in 1969 in a revolution. After three years with the title “Prime Minister” he changed it to “Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution”. All his bodyguards are female virgins, and he claims that Libya is run through a direct democracy. He blames Osama bin Laden and drugs for the 2011 Libyan Civil War, and once claimed that he conquered the U.S. He banned all Italians from Libya in revenge for the colonization of Libya during WWII. He was despises Switzerland, and wrote a UN resolution on why Switzerland should be dissolved. On his relations with the UN, he once gave a speech for two hours, during which he expressed support for Somali Pirates. He claimed that Israel was responsible for JFK’s assassination.

Saddam Hussein:
Saddam Hussein considered himself the incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar II. His face could be seen on office buildings, schools, airports, shops. All Iraqi currency had his picture. Hussein wrote a book, called Zabibah and the King. In the novel, “Arab” becomes king of Tikrit, the town Mr. Hussein was born in. He represents Saddam Hussein. He falls in love with Zabibah, a peasant woman representing the people of Iraq. Zabibah’s husband, representing the USA, rapes Zabibah. The other antagonists are Hezkel, an Emir, representing Israel, Shamil, representing Jews, and Nuri Chalabi, representing Ahmed Chalabi, an enemy of Saddam.

Benito Mussolini:
Mussolini is notorious for his war crimes as a Fascist dictator during World War II. He was commonly called “Il Duce”, which translates to “The Leader”. His administrative building was a huge structure with a giant picture of his head. As a young man he openly declared his atheism, and in his early career as a politician was openly anti-clerical. He was the Italian leader of the National Fascist Party, became Prime Minister in 1922 and was eventually a dictator who severely restricted freedom of speech. Mussolini supported Hitler’s conquest of Austria. He ordered the execution of prisoners without trial and the shooting of “witch-doctors”. Later he tried to associate Fascism with Catholicism in order to garner dwindling support. Mussolini was also deeply anti-Semitic.

Idi Amin Dada:
Idi Amin was an army officer and president of Uganda. He took power in a military coup in January 1971, deposing Milton Obote. His rule was characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extra judicial killings and the expulsion of Indians from Uganda. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is unknown and estimates range from 80,000 to 500,000. Amin was eventually overthrown, but until his death, he held that Uganda needed him and he never expressed remorse for the abuses of his regime.

Adolf Hitler:
Adolf Hitler got the number one spot in the top 5 dictators. He had a major role in initiating the bloodiest conflict ever, which still has a massive bearing on the world to this day.Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, becoming “Führer” in 1934. At the second world war, Hitler’s policies of territorial conquest and racial subjugation had brought death and destruction to tens of millions of people, including the genocide of some six million Jews in what is now known as the Holocaust. On 30 April 1945, after intense street-to-street combat, when Soviet troops were spotted within a block or two of the Reich Chancellory, Hitler committed suicide, shooting himself.