Google TV beta Coming Soon

In 2007, Mark Erickson with "Infinite Solutions" promised users a way to access Google TV Beta.

The Google TV Beta description reads: "Google Labs is at it again! Be one of the first to try out GoogleTV! This is Mark Erickson on Infinite Solutions. In this episode, I'll show you how to access Google's secret on-demand television service."

In response to the videos, Google told Blogoscope in a statement:
Mark Erickson's "Infinite Solutions" segment highlights Gmail's seemingly "infinite" powers – from gobs of storage and lightning fast search to some of the best anti-spam action in the business (and how about that sweet Easter Egg cowbell in Gmail Chat?). Alas, Mark's "Google TV beta" is simply a figment of his fertile imagination. But great entertainment for all of us here at the Googleplex.

But just over three years later, Google TV isn't a hoax–it's actually here.Google unveiled its new 'Google TV' platform earlier today at the Google I/O developer conference, touting the technology as one that would "change the future of television."Google TV aims to "unite Web surfing with channel surfing on televisions," the Associated Press explains. Read more about the new platform here (but don't believe what Erickson has to tell you about how you can get Google TV Beta.)