USB Wall Socket

The USB Wall Socket is a concept idea that puts a couple of USB ports in to a wall socket allowing you easier access to charge your USB chargeable gadgets.

By putting a couple of ports in each socket, it allows for users to get rid of the power brick/transformer that comes supplied with many phones which saves waste and prevents people from needing several different plugs to charge various phones and electronics.

The USB interface is quite fascinating, it’s got an entire peripheral industry started to cater to its existence! We have USB hubs, compatible heads for car-charging, compatible plugs for wall sockets, etc. To cut this long route of buying compatible peripherals just for the sake of charging, why not include the USB seat into a normal socket plate? Let it sit pretty next to the 3-pin socket…just as we see in this picture! So super simple that it snapped an iF Concept Award this year!