Toilet Restaurant In Los Angeles

A new unusually themed restaurant is America’s first bathroom themed eatery has just opened outside of Los Angeles County’s City of Industry. Inspired by Taipei’s quirky but very popular Modern Toilet restaurant, the Magic Restroom Cafe. Bathroom themed restaurants have had great success in Japan and China in recent years, over a dozen Modern Toilet locations have opened in Taiwan alone, so it seems inevitable that the trend would eventually come stateside.
The Magic Restroom Cafe is an eating establishment that allows patrons to sit on toilets to eat a variety of Taiwanese-style dishes named after poopy things. It has also a lot of the food names like ‘Black Poop’-Chocolate Sundae, 'Constipation' and 'Bloody' number two Vanilla-Strawberry Sundae is served in little ceramic toilet bowls. The restaurant is called Magic Restroom Cafe and basically the deal is you sit on toilets and eat goopy brown curry out of miniature commodes.