New Agriculture Technic Vertical Faming

Columbia University’s Dickson Despommier says with his hi-tech solution offering fascinating design possibilities. With such a shortage of land and increased urbanisation, instead of growing crops horizontally, he proposes the Vertical Farm.Time to open your third eye and imagine that for every 10 blocks of your city, one block is a 30-storey glass skyscraper filled with the hues only found in the plant kingdom. The crisp green of lettuce on the first level, the ripe red of tomatoes and strawberries on the next, and the golden brown of wheat on the top, with the crystal blues of water running through the infrastructure. A living rainbow city block that feeds 10 000 people.

The architectural design of the building allows it to capture the sun and wind and convert it into energy, which powers some of the farm. Inside, the farm workers are dressed in laboratory-white spacesuits to protect the plants from germs. The average farm worker now holds a post-graduate chemistry degree, because the techniques to grow plants inside (without soil, sun or rain) were mostly developed by NASA in their preparations for any long-term planetary relocations.