Floating Village On Lake Titicaca

Just an ordinary day in the bed of grass floating on the lake Titicaca. Located at an altitude of 3812 meters in the Peruvian desert, here there are 40 floating islands. Originally created by the Uros people of Peru from Inca times, beautiful islands are used for refuge and shelter from the war that never stopped in their homeland. Made with carefully hand, this floating village composed of layers of thatch grass tortora who put together and tied to a floating base structure, such as pontoons. The result is like a giant raft, and great to be able to withstand heavy loads and large.

These islands are actually quite advanced and could be forced to be burdened but also must be repaired on a regular basis to maintain its strength. When the grass-thatched old started regardless of basic structure, weeds, new weeds replace the surface. Thatch grass are taken carefully from the edge of Lake Titicaca. These islands moored in place with ropes tied to wooden poles to the bottom of the lake.

Only a few of the islands would receive visitors, which does not mean it is not good because there are reports mentioning the Uros tribe living tradition is changing rapidly due to increasing their interaction with the tourists. The inhabitants of this lake sees himself as protector of the lake and is said ahead of a pre-Incan civilization, and according to legend from generation to generation, even existed before the sun, stars and moon. No wonder they fear will pestered by people who want to know much about them.