Unrevealed Fact Of The Furious ICC WorldCup - 2011

Did India Vs Srilanka final match was fixed?
Yes,The India Vs Srilanka final match was fixed.

1.The ceaseless world cup started in a enthusiastic way but ended in a gambling way.This series created a lot of fever among the souls of cricket lovers.
2.The mighty nation india ,ended the 28 years quest by winning the world cup again under milk man dhoni's captainship.

3.In the view of people match was executed in a straight forward way,but the buried truth is that the money overuled the cricket men.

4.Before the beginning of the match it was posted on wikileaks that india would win the match.
they have nearly bribed the srilankan team with 234 crores.The srilankan team accepted the bribe.

5.First of all the tossed the coin twice,because it was prefixed that srilankans should bat first having a setup score betwen 270-273.

6.The upper cut master shewag must be srilankan team with in the 1st over.

7.It was prefixed that sachin must be out within 90-98,But to the shock of both the teams he was gone within a small amount of runs.So they decided to give the place of sachin to gambir and made him stay.

Our aim is to reveal the unrevealed.