15 Great Founders Of Great Website

Today Internet has connected whole world. Internet is only thing which has replaced the practice of reading newspapers and use of letters through websites and email services. Today non of us like to pick up pen in our hand.
We can watch movies online. We can easily shop, connect to our friends, book our tickets, play games online, we can pay bills online for electricity, telephone or any thing else. But most of us do not know that who is behind this success.

Hutpedia have created a list of great of great website have a look:

1.Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Google

2.Brad Fitzpatrick - Livejournal

3.David Filo And Jerry Yang - Yahoo

 4.ChadHurley, SteveChen, AndJawedKarim - Youtube

5.Jimmy Wales-Wikipedia

6.Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

7.Peter Thiel - Pay Pal

8.Sabeer Bhatia - Hotmail

9.Stewart Butterfield And Caterina Fake - Flickr

10.Matt Mullenweg - Wordpress

11.Jack Dorsey - Twitter

12.Julian Assange - Wikileaks

13.Reid Hoffman - Linkedin

14.Niklas Zennstrom - Skype

15.Pierre Morad Omidyar - Ebay