Top 5 Misconceptions

5.Humans evolved from apes
Darwin didn't actually say this, but he's been misreported ever since. What he did say was that we, and apes, and chimpanzees for that matter, had a common ancestor, once, a long, long time ago.
4.Columbus believed the earth was flat
 He may not have known how big the world was, but he wasn't worrying about falling off the edge of it.

3.Napoleon was short.
He was actually around 5ft 7, completely average for the 18th/19th century. 

2.Thomas Edison invented the light bulb
 Edison invented a lot of things - in fact he's one of the most famous inventors of all time - but the light bulb wasn't one of them. What he did was develop a light bulb at the same time as the British man, Joseph Swan, who came up with it originally.

1.Einstein got bad grades in school
Generations of children have been heartened by the thought that this Nobel Prize winner did badly at school, but they are sadly mistaken. In fact, he did very well at school, especially in science and maths (unsurprisingly).