Microsoft New Social Networking Site Socl Features And Release Date

It's a recent hot news about Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is the giant multinational company in the world. It's the creator of windows OS, world's widely used OS ever. Microsoft testing their new social networking site called secretly. We will be wait to see the Microsoft site live. First it was published in the verge site. Microsoft CEO shares the information about their new project social network.

“Microsoft’s FUSE Labs is an internal research group working on a number of forward-looking projects related to future possibilities around social search. Socl is one of the projects that we are exploring. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more to share.”

Before a year ago, Google started the social network called "Google +". They given the codename for google plus is "Facebook Killer". Now, Microsoft started the social networking site. It might overtake the social network giant Facebook and the new one Google plus. But microsoft trying to launch their site at the early 2012.

It has numerous number of features like photo tagging, video sharing, feeds, chatting, video hangout and so on. We can expect more new features to the Microsoft new social networking site "SOCL". We have a proof to prove the belongs to Microsoft Corporation. Anyway we have to wait to see the response of users to Microsoft new social networking site "SOCL".