Harry Potter Actors At Their Young Age

Harry potter is a fantasy epic movie based on the naval Harry Potter written by J.K.Rowling. The naval was divided into 8 films. The film got good reviews and got huge number of fans. There are many frictional charectors in the film. Many actors played important role in the film. Now we are going to see the actors at their young age who acted  in the harry potter movie.
Alan Rickman / Severus Snape

David Thewlis / Remus Lupin

Gary Oldman / Sirius Black

Helena Bonham Carter/ Bellatrix Lestrange

Imelda Staunton / Dolores Umbridge
Maggie Smith / Minerva McGonagall

Ralph Fiennes / Lord Voldemort

Rhys Ifans / Xenophilius Lovegood

Richard Harris / Albus Dumbledore

Robbie Coltrane / Rubeus Hagrid

Robert Hardy / Cornelius Fudge

Roger Lloyd-Pack / Barty Crouch Sr.