Google+ New Features

Google+ the social network, which is realesed on june 30, is meant to be more private, smarter, and at the same time more pervasive than other social networking sites. It could also be integrated with your mail, search and news functions.

Google+ allows you to form exclusive circles of friends, such as family, colleagues, neighbours, and mad ones. Its 'spark' option, allows conversation on hobbies and attractions. 'Hangouts' is for people to "stop by and say hello", like you do "inside a pub or on a front porch". So, you are not available to everyone always.

'Circles' unlike in Facebook let you sort out the friends with ease. These enable you to create mini friend lists within your larger network. Easy customization of groups with drag-and-drop actions to limit who can see which of your updation, all together help you make your selection.

Google+ comes with a free, multi-user video chat feature hailed 'Hangouts'. Google has added the smart notable feature of video chat that was missing in Facebook. If you’re planning an event along with your friends or colleagues or host a party, you can easily manage the event-planning with the live video chat option that Google + includes.

Hangouts allows up to ten people to group video chat and watch YouTube videos. When you start the video, the group chat mutes everyone by default and a ‘Push to Talk’ button lets everyone enjoy YouTube videos and discuss it with comments.