Watch Michael Jackson Hollywood Tonight Official Video

Hollywood Tonight, the latest video off MJ's posthumous disc, Michael, arrived Thursday via the pop star's official website. And while MJ is all over this clip - it's even helmed by one of his old collaborators, You Are Not Alone director Wayne Isham - our heroine in the video is dancer Sofia Boutella.

Though the gal seems to suffer from hallucinations of animated MJ billboards - which are somehow still all over L.A., despite the fact Michael came out way back in December - she's also loaded with talent.And when not moonwalking in traffic, she slogs it out by going to auditions, waiting tables and stripping.

But it all pays off - with her leading a flashmob in front of L.A.'s Pantages Theatre. We're not sure viral-video status is quite the same as going "Hollywood," but there you go.Around the time of Michael's release, Hollywood Tonight's producer, Teddy Riley, told Billboard what he was hoping to achieve with the track, which was created using demo recordings made by Jackson before he died.

"I was looking at just doing the next level of Billie Jean meets Dangerous or Doggin' Me Around," Riley said. "It's like one of those driving bass lines that you will remember."

Watch The MJ Hollywood Tonight: