google's today's Christmas logo (23-12-2010)

  1. The festive google logo carries the pictures of St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia, 
    Acropolis of Athens, Buche de Noel, a traditional Christmas desert, Mt. Fuji, the Great Wall of China, Pierogi-baked or fried dumplimgs served in the dinner of Christmas eve, especially in Poland, Indian traditional dancing, the Sahara desert, Oud-the Arabian stringed instrument, America's Chillipepper, Venice gondolas, Nepal, Chilean Vinyard, African Kanga (garment) highlighted by 'Up on the housetop,' click, click, click – a Santa song written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864 in tune with the festive fever and ends with the Henna Moroccan lamp.

    Colour of 'g' in Google while decoding it

    While the festive Google Logo, Google doodle is pictorial, it is also interesting to decode letters 'Google', that are arranged with the pictures. A little bit of scrutiny will decode the hidden letters.
    While the capital 'G', the first letter is in blue formed with the pictures of St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia, Acropolis of Athens, Buche de Noel, the focus however is the perplexing 'g' in the spelling.

    A closer look will reveal the colour of 'g' in Google. The 'g' is formed with the pictures of Venice Gondolas and Nepal (Singing Nepalese). The Venice Gondolas has a greyish blue, which goes perfectly with blue in the picture of Nepal. So the colour of 'g' in Google, highlighted is 'blue'.

    Hidden Message

    What could be the hidden message in Google logo? Google's corporate logo simply promotes a unification amidst differences in celebrating the spirit of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas seizes one irrespective of caste, colour, nationality and creed. May be Google wanted to portray the message of love during Christmas season despite disparities.

    Google corporate logo, Google doodle was created by designer Michael Lopez, who has been working on Google festival doodle since July, with a team of four other artists. The design is said to have taken 250 hours.

    Google has simply succeeded in promoting in its own way, the holiday spirit.