New One World Trade Centre Infrastructure And Opening Date

On April 27 2006, a new world trade center in the name of Freedom Tower was officially announced to be built in the east of Washington street.On March 30, 2009 Port authority confirmed that its legal name would be ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER instead of the conversational named The Freedom Tower. It is estimated to completed in 2013. its has been raised at a huge amount around 3.8 billion dollars. By the time of its completion it will be the tallest building in United states and the third tallest building in the world.The architect who has been raising the building all long will be David Childs and the developer would be the Port Authority Of Newyork.

Its occupies nearly 24000 square meters of land and stands majestically. The main advantage of this building is that 80 percent of the materials used to construct this building can be recycled. Keeping in mind of the terrorist attack that might take place many safety measures have been taken by the constructors. Each wall is built at a width of 3 feet. Its completely filled with security cameras and any radioactive materials present inside the building will be alarmed and goes on. These are some of the interesting facts about the one world trade center.