Valentines Day Facts And History

A day which expresses the meaning of love, A day that is most valuable for the couples around the world, A day in which even a nerd gives a shot to have a girl friend, it is nothing but the valentines day. how many of us know that why we are celebrating it? Here are some of the reasons why we are celebrating it.

First of all the day was named after a saint named valentine. The meaning of valentine is greeting cards, this is the reason why people all around the world share and express love through different forms of cards.It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD.

On the event of valentines day, your dress colour plays a major role in it. They are described as follows:

Blue - I’m free

Green - I’m waiting

Orange - going to propose

Pink - accepted just now!!!

Black - proposal rejected

White - already booked

Yellow - broke up!!!

Grey - not interested

Red - leave me...

Beware of your dress colour on that day, a change in colour can mess up your life.

To all those couples around the world, we wish you a happy valentince day and for the singles thumbs up!!!! Life is interesting only if you make mistakes...