ICC World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony

The ICC World Cup is off to a spectacular start with 8 million viewers tuning in to watch the opening ceremony.The 2011 World Cup is going to be the world's third largest televised event with nearly 220 countries glued to the television sets and 3G mobile handsets.
During the 44-day tournament to be hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, there will be weeks of back-to-back television advertisements, road-side bill boards and advertisers finding different ways to make their presence felt during the event.
But advertisers still have a bitter after taste of the last World Cup when sponsorships went down the drain as India was knocked out in the early stages. It costs an estimated loss in viewership pegged at Rs. 153 crore.But this time around expectations are very high with Team India being in its best form. We will have to wait and watch if the high stakes pay off this time.